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Our first cat was Dallas.  He thought he was king of the house and he was.  Dallas got his names from the Dallas Cowboys.  Terry told me I could get a cat if we could name it Dallas.  I said sure which caught him off guard.  We ended up getting a cat.   Dallas has since left us.  He had major kidney problems, so he is now a healthy cat being a brat with our grandparents.

Dallas was such a small, cute kitten.  Once he decided to take a bath with me.  He didn't like it!  I couldn't help but take a picture of him in his misery.

This is Texas and Dusty.  You would think they really liked each other, but they were the worse ones about fighting.  

Texas was our second cat.  Texas was a stray I brought home from work.  She just happened to be expecting.  Only one kitten survived, Dusty, so we kept them both.  Texas was named to go along with Dallas.  Dusty's name came from an incident soon after she was born.  Texas had her kittens in our crawl space of our house in our basement and she dropped Dusty down in the cement blocks that created the walls of the basement.  Terry and a friend had to rescue Dusty who was covered in dust and dirt when they got her out.  Thus, her name.  

Texas has since left us also.  She never really like people to get too close.  She got out of the house one day and did not let herself get caught.  We have seen her around the neighborhood periodically.  I just keep in mind that she lived outside before and will be fine.  

These two were the next additions to our home.  This is Jazz and Haley.  Jazz was named after the Utah Jazz.  Haley was named after Charles Haley who still played for the Dallas Cowboys at the time.  (can you tell we like sports?)  Terry rescued the sissies at Honda when they were found along Rt 33 which is a very busy road.  He called me from work and had me pick them up.  Of course we had to keep them.


This is Domino.  We got him from an animal shelter.  We wanted another male cat.  He is spoiled just like all the other cats.  He likes to spend time at my parents with Muffin.  They really love each other.  He is also a great hunter.

This is Twitchy (her tail would constantly twitch).  She was another stray in our neighborhood.  My sister was going to take her in, but  then we learned she was "with child".  She ended up having 4 kittens.  We found home for all of them including Twitchy.

The picture below show one of the kittens after about a year.  This is Muffin.  She went to live with my mother.  She comes and visits us when her parents leave on vacation.  She is a wonderful mouser!  She can be gone for just a couple of minutes and bring back a present (her favorite seems to be moles).  

Once again we took in an expecting mother.  This is Emme.  We had always fed her, but when we realized she was pregnant, we brought her into the house.  It was very cold and we were worried about her having the kittens outside.  One morning we woke up and they were here.  We had to help her because all but one of them were still attached to the afterbirth.  We had to cut their umbilical cords. After that everything went smoothly.  She is a very good mother.  We found homes for all but two of the kittens.  We still have them.  

This is one of the kittens.  She went to a home in Columbus.