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Our Family Tree

I am in charge of the Genealogy Room at the Champaign County Library and decided to get serious about my own family since I have been helping others for so long with their research.  My sister created a family tree in the late 1970's for a school project, and I have had that ever since.  I was always interested in this but didn't get serious until a few years ago.  

I am still working and some of the information I have may not be correct.  So, please take all the information you see here with a grain of salt.  Do not take it as the gospel!  Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to know where I found my information. If you have any questions about Champaign County, please feel free to contact me about that also.

Below are some of the main surnames we are working on.  Some have pictures included. Click on the name to see the family outline.  

Cox Dixon Herrold Malone Oakley Rostorfer Wade
Butler Claar Dunlap Kelley Knoch Mercer Snyder
Mason McClain Herring Fisher McWilliams Anderson Graham
Hart Williams          

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